Solutionary Events is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational outreach organization with a mission to create healthy, compassionate, and regenerative communities through coordinating socially & environmentally responsible vegan events. Solutionary Events is led by a volunteer-operated team of individuals who are committed to making the world a better place. The team coordinates festivals & fairs, races & walks, film screenings, workshops, school programs, conventions, beach & park cleanups, and other educational outreach events. We also support like-minded businesses and organizations by organizing or co-organizing their events and helping to enhance the success of "solutionary certified" projects.

Embracing the Solutionary Life...One Vegan Festival at a Time

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer of Natural Awakenings Sarasota


"This natural biosphere that surrounds us is the origin point of all we need to sustain our lives. Our food, water and oxygen comes from the earth, and it’s our responsibility to steward these resources with utmost, intentional care. This also means extending compassion and kindness to our planet’s other inhabitants by ensuring their health, safety, welfare and humane treatment too. 

That is the role of a solutionary—to be a conscious, relentless advocate for solutions in the world; to partner with initiatives, organizations and other human beings for the endurance of our collective future; and to protect the environment with regenerative communities. This grassroots endeavor is of both local and global consequence, and one movement, in particular, has brought it close to home. 

Solutionary Events is a Southwest Florida based non-profit coalition that introduces people to the benefits and accessibility of a vegan lifestyle through a series of educational, mindful and ecological outreaches around the Sunshine State. One such event that has gained noticeable momentum and traction right here in our community is the Sarasota Veg Fest. This annual extravaganza is a celebration of all that harmonizes and connects us to animals, the environment and our fellow humankind."


Festivals & Fairs

Solutionary Events coordinates and assists with organizing several festivals throughout Florida annually. Among new festivals, Sarasota Veg Fest has gained tremendous popularity. 

Races & Walks

All races are designed by the hands of careful, dedicated volunteers to avoid causing disruption or harm to wildlife. All snacks and beverages provided to racers are vegan and all race items are environmentally-friendly. 

The Factory Farm Experience

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Film Screenings

Solutionary Events will soon be relaunching the Tampa Bay film screening summer series...stay tuned. 

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