Naomi Green helps people to achieve miraculous health benefits FAST through whole food plant-based nutrition education.

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This website provides an overview of the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and serious concerns of consuming animal proteins.

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Dr. Michael Greger is a world renowned plant-based physician who clarifies many misunderstandings through his thorough research of peer-reviewed studies.

From the producer of Forks Over Knives, PlantPure Nation is a documentary to learn about the advancements of the plant powered movement. We are making strides!

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Forks Over Knives empowers people to live healthier lives by changing the way the world understands nutrition. We provide the tools and resources to make a plant-based lifestyle easy and enjoyable.

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This is a blog a few of our team members used to write for that includes many health resources.


Dr. Neal Barnard is responsible for many changes in legislature and is one of the leading physicians in the medical plant-based movement. He founded the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, which now has over 12,000 whole food plant-based physicians across the United States and around the world, as well as 150,000 members. Not only is Dr. Barnard and his team changing the way doctors treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer, they are also changing the methods of medical research to stray away from animal testing. They have found that using alternative methods to animal testing have been much more effective.

For those who think eating healthy is expensive, here is an excellent resource for buying quality food at ridiculously low prices.

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Emily Moran is one of the most well-spoken, incredible solutionaries. She answers any questions that people have about a vegan lifestyle, including the history of when people started consuming animal products and the reasons they are so terrible for human health (and of course for the animals and the environment).

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If you are an athlete, this is the site for you. Matt Frazier offers many excellent guides for new vegan athletes and recipes to follow.


PlantPure’s Health & Weight Loss online seminar helps people transition to better health through motivational education and access to delicious, low cost meals – delivered to your door!


Healthy Green Smoothies

Smoothie recipes

The Blender Girl

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Network with other healthy people and restaurants

Healthy Dining App

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