Coordinator Roles

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    • Recruit volunteers to help​ on the day of the event, organize their roles, organize phone calls to interview volunteers for positions, orient volunteers to where they need to be on the day of the event, collect volunteer sign-in information, and be ready to show volunteers lots of appreciation!

  • Graphics & Design Coordinator

    • Des​ign artwork for media promotions, advertising, website appeal, and for social media

  • Social Media Coordinator

    • Post​ daily to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep people updated on activities that will be happening at the event

  • Sponsorship Coordinator

    • Reach out to companies and organizations who align with the Solutionary Events mission in regards to sponsoring the event in exchange for promotional benefits, update sponsor letter for each event

  • Product Donations Coordinator

    • Assist food sampling director with reaching out to vegan companies to ask for food samples, gift baskets, coupons, etc., lead volunteers at the food sampling booth at the event

  • Music Coordinator

    • Assist music directors by co​ntacting talented local musicians who would be loud enough for a festival, but not loud enough to drown out the happenings of the event and coordinate their schedule

  • Kids' Zone Coordinator

    • Coordinate activities for the kids' zone, collect materials, put together a schedule, and supervise volunteers on the day of the event

  • Food Demonstration Coordinator 

    • Recruit plant-based chefs to demonstrate how awesome it is to make vegan food! Coordinate their schedule

  • Speaker Coordinator

    • Reach out to knowledgeable speakers and review speaker applications  - be sure speakers align with the Solutionary Species mission and coordinate their schedule

  • Media Coordinator

    • Contact local media outlets about covering the event on the news, be available for interviews before the event, on the day of the event, and after the event

  • Rescue Coordinator

    • Contact local animal rescues to participate in the event. Ensure the rescue is a legitimate animal rescue and that they do not promote breeding or cruelty to animals. The rescue coordinator will also be responsible for assisting rescues with set up at the event.

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