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Dr. Karumanchi graduated from Andhra Medical college. He did residency in internal medicine in Univ. of Illinois. He completed fellowship in geriatrics at Loyola University Medical Center and Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital. He completed fellowship in sleep medicine at University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH. He holds a membership in the Institute for Functional Medicine and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, sleep medicine and geriatrics. Dr. K has been described by his clients, close associates as miracle worker. He worked with elderly patients who were in the ICU with poor prognosis and create miracles using energy healing. Dr. K is proud to serve patients across the 50 states.

Presentation: Adrenal Fatigue

11:30 a.m.  Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi


Samantha Gentrup is a teacher who has been dedicated to social justice, animal protection, and environmental ethics for her entire life. She is passionate about protecting the unique ecosystems of this state. Samantha has been part of animal and environmental movements via leadership roles, public speaking, writing letters, leading events, creating educational materials, teaching, and meeting with elected officials. She is dedicated to working together to solve the ecological crisis that we are facing in Florida, and globally. When not working, Samantha can be found playing outside in nature, taking care of animals, and spending time with her family.


Mr. Stephen Suau is a professional engineer with over 35 years of water resource experience in both the public and private sectors in southwest Florida. He is currently principal of Progressive Water Resources, LLC but formerly served as Executive Director of Sarasota County’s Planning and Development Business Center as well as Director of Sarasota County’s Stormwater Program. Mr. Suau has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Illinois in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Administration from Bradley University. He resides in Sarasota, Florida and has served as co-chairman of the Sarasota County Environmentally Sensitive Lands Advisory Committee, chairman of the Sarasota County Stormwater Environmental Utility Advisory Committee, and vice-chairman of the Myakka River Planning Advisory Committee. He also served as the Southwest Florida areas representative on the Technical Advisory Committee for the proposed State Stormwater Rule and is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. He has assisted in envisioning and providing technical guidance on regional watershed restoration projects such as the Celery Fields, Dona Bay, and most recently Tatum Sawgrass. Mr. Suau has long been involved in innovative approaches and solutions to addressing water issues including nutrient management.

Presentation: Protecting Water By Reducing Nutrient Pollution

(what to do about red tide!)

12:00 p.m. Samantha Gentrup and Steve Suau

Dr. Dulaney is a cardiologist and primary care physician. She attended medical school at West Virginia University and her residency and fellowship at University of Pittsburgh Private practice in Port Charlotte. She is the director of noninvasive services and cardiac rehabilitation at Fawcett Memorial Hospital. She is also an endurance athlete, completing over 25 marathons, 2 ultra marathons (50km), and 6 Ironman races. Dr. Dulaney is the mother of a plant-based registered dietitian, and mother of two rescued German shepherds and a handsome orange cat. She is a backyard gardener and fruit tree afficianato. Dr. Dulaney has a podcast with over 222 episodes (Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast). She is the co-author of "Plant Based Wellness Cookbook, three generations of cooking; The Doctor, the Dietitian and the Diva."


Dr. Dulaney will be discussing the elimination of the need for pharmaceuticals in the treatment of lifestyle diseases, success stories of reversing heart disease and diabetes, and how being vegan has improved her athletic performance in endurance sports such as the marathon and Ironman races.

Presentation: Reversing Lifestyle Diseases Through Plant Based Nutrition

1:00 p.m. Dr. Jaimela Dulaney

Melissa is a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator. At the age of 13, she looked at her last hamburger, pushed it away, and stopped eating animals. At the age of 33, she said she would try "that vegan thing" for a month, and 12 years later, as a vegan lifestyle coach & educator, she shares this incredible message of love and compassion moving people closer to a happier, healthier high-vibe vegan life. 

Meal prep is key to plant-based success. Melissa will cover meal prep strategies that can simplify the transition to a vegan diet while offering new options and inspirations.

Food Demonstration: BYOB (Build Your Own Bowl) 

2:00 p.m. Melissa Hogan

Amanda went vegetarian in 1995 and has been vegan since 2004. Her vegan and animal rights activism has spanned volunteering locally with event organizing to writing about animal issues and the joys of vegan living for blogs and websites. She spent 5 months on the road with the 10 Billion Lives tour, traveling from one college campus to another to educate students about the plight of farmed animals. Amanda then became the Communications Manager for Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) for three years, in which she boosted FARM’s social media presence and helped cultivate their annual campaigns, including Word Day for Farmed Animals and the Animal Rights National Conference. In addition to managing Vegan Action’s social media, she is a busy pet sitter and dog walker. Amanda is an active volunteer at a small non-profit organization that supports LGBTQIA youth. She received their Volunteer of the Year Award in 2017. Amanda loves puns, scouring shelves and restaurants for new vegan eats, and petting as many dogs as possible.

Presentation: But is it REALLY Vegan?: Understanding Food Labels & Ingredients

3:00 p.m. Amanda Just

Matthew is a professional chef, interested in changing the way people view culinary arts and the food we consume. He has worked as the head chef for the Ritz Carlton in a few different locations. He was also the head chef for Everyday Blessings, an organization that cares for up to 30 children while they await permanent placement. He was passionate about serving the children healthy, plant-based meals. Matthew is still gaining experience in culinary arts and plans to eventually open his own gourmet plant-based restaurant. 

Food Demonstration: Reinventing Mother Sauces: A History of Food and Modern Developments

3:30 p.m. Matthew Bardroff

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