Yoga came to Monica when she needed it the most. Through modifying her own practice, she was able to rehabilitate her body. Now she loves to share her joy of yoga with others and help them on their journey of self discovery. Come join us for an all levels class as we connect ourselves back to Earth and all she gives us.

with Monica Simpson

12:00 p.m.  Grounded in Gratitude: Yoga for All 


Kristin has a passion for movement and found a way to encourage kids to move too. She makes yoga fun for the kids so they stay active, learn yoga, and have fun moving.

Teaching kids yoga helps kids become aware of themselves and others. They learn yoga poses through fun games, partner yoga and she even throws some relaxation in there.

with Kristin Katanic of Elefun Kids Yoga

1:00 p.m.  Kids Yoga


Dancing creates consciousness, joy, and connection. Mary is an acupuncture physician and has been aligned with natural healthcare for many years. She is passionate about the importance of body movement for optimal health most especially through dance. Rhythm, melody and movement are primal ingredients for happy humans. She is also an artist and is all about creativity, health and the importance of connection to inner wisdom and it’s expression.

with Mary Carr of Larimar Studio Gallery

2:00 p.m. Groove Dance: Your Authentic Expression

Mary has been teaching Hoola-Fit hoop fitness in Nokomis, Fl and the surrounding communities for the last 7 years. She fell in love with hooping after a traumatic event in her life. She lost over 100 lbs and found her joy! It is her hope to spread the "Hoopiness" each and everywhere she goes. She loves this form of movement and exercise and you will to!

with Heather Kirkendall of Peace, Love, & Hoopiness Hoop Fitness

3:00 p.m. Hoola-Fit "Hoopiness": Health and Wellness for the Body, Mind & Soul

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